Sound Equipment Training

Don’t let your sound system become a distraction to your congregation.

Your worship service is the time for your congregation to come together to glorify God in a corporate setting, but the technology we use today to facilitate that worship can be a major challenge. And not only for those manning the equipment: when glitches arise, everybody notices.

Training brings out the best performance of your sound equipment – whether an old system or new technology. Your people are the key to having a trouble-free service and with training sessions we offer, either on an individual basis or as a group, depending on your needs, your worship will experience the benefits of seamless sound from week to week.

One-on-one or group sessions will teach you:
• On your system
• To troubleshoot problems when they arise
• What all those buttons and knobs can really do
• What to look and listen for to eliminate problems before they occur
• How to integrate all of the technology that you have at your disposal

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