Music Lessons - Improve Your Experience

Music is an integral part of congregational worship, no matter what style or instruments are used. Music lessons are available for practicing musicians and for those wishing to learn bass, acoustic, or electric guitar. Vocal training and reading music, as well as choir performance can be taught both one-on-one and in small groups, depending on the need.


We are in the middle of a worship revival that is seeing the Guitar become the main instrument of choice for the worship leader. Training the guitarist to be excellent in his or her craft is very important. Working in a group or one-on-one, we will learn the basics of guitar playing and take you to a level where you can play today's worship songs with ease.

Reading Music and Composition

Basic training in reading music is key for vocalists as well as musicians. We will teach you the basics of musical theory so that you can read the standard lead sheets of today's worship songs.

Composing music is a unique challenge that allows a musician to express themselves. Worship music can be one of the most difficult genres to write in. We can help you develop the skills to write more effectively. This is often best done in a group of musicians. Contact us for more information.