Guaranteed Maintenance Package

Does your sound system have a hum, noise, or a crackle? Have you experienced some feedback within the last 6 months?

Your church's sound equipment can go wrong in any number of ways - cables break internally, dust and dirt inhibit connections, wear and tear from regular use can add up to some serious problems. If you've noticed any disturbances in your speakers, amplifiers, or other parts of the system, now is the time to check them out.

Morris Sound is offering a 1-year Guaranteed Maintenance Package* to pinpoint the causes of equipment performance problems and correct them.

Guaranteed Maintenance Package includes:
Inspection and testing of sound system to ensure that every part of it is working to its full potential
Cleaning of the sound board, media players, and amplifiers.
Repair/Replacement of up to 10 cables

(*Guarantee only includes the time, travel, and cables marked with MSC that was maintained under the GMP, any other equipment that fails is not covered. If the noise, hum, or crackle returns within 12 months of the service, another service will be free of charge. Any parts that need to be replaced within that time are extra.)