Church Fellowship Functions - Make It Memorable

Everything at your event should run smoothly and to make that happen with your sound, we're here to help. Setting up a room that isn't equipped for amplified sound can be a challenge, so we can bring the just the right sound equipment you need to fit the room and the function.

When it comes to the spoken word, proper amplification is very important and can mean the difference between success and frustration. Most church fellowship functions are small to medium sized groups that want to get together to have a good time, a good meal, and to hear someone tell their story. From the pancake breakfast to the awards banquet, we can make sure that all three of these things are accomplished.

Outdoor Functions

Has your church ever wanted to hold a service in the park? When moving an event outside, it takes that extra step to be heard, especially in our busy and bustling city. We can accomodate your small concerts or outdoor worship service with ease and ensure that there is more than enough power to be heard by passersby or from the back row.