Church Sound Systems - Maximizing Your Equipment

Check out our 1-year Guaranteed Maintenance Package for your sound system

MSC has worked on numerous sound projects for both churches in their services and other organizations for their special events, in venues ranging from traditional and modern church buildings to entertainment facilities like the Coliseum movie theatre and Scotiabank Place. Our knoweldge of acoustics and sound systems will help you find exactly the right sound setup for your sanctuary, hall, or meeting room to best serve your needs.

Existing Equipment

We offer consultations on any problems or maintenance needs with existing sound systems, to maximize the potential of your equipment in delivering the best quality sound for your worhsip services.

By utilizing the existing equipment in your building, we can maximize your budget and reduce the environmental impact of throwing out older equipment. As equipment ages, it will break down - some equipment can be repaired, but other pieces will need to be upgraded. We can help with both.


When upgrading or fitting a new room for sound, it pays to find the best equipment for the job that will work within your church's budget. New equipment can be purchased and installed as your budget allows, and we can help you prioritize - book a consultation and find out how to accomplish your goals at a minimum cost. MSC has experience with numerous types of installations and a knowledge of suppliers that can make the process of upgrading easier for you.